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Agartala Vacation

Agartala vacation has always been one of the most heated up topic of discussion amongst the tourists in India. If you are looking for information on vacation in Agartala, you are on the right page, where in can find tons of information on how to make your Agartala vacation a memorable one. There are lots of places in Agartala worth visiting and can make your vacation in Agartala a perfect blast.

Amongst the few worth mentioning vacation hotels in Agartala, we have built a great deal of repute as one of the best Agartala hotels offering complete range of services. Amongst the few choicest vacation hotels in Agartala, we have taken the leading part and have been admired by the customers. We have been trying to maintain our standard and quality of services in order to retain our reputation of being one of the best vacation hotels in Agartala.

The most targeted pocket that can make your Agartala vacation a real blast must be Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, Fourteen Goddess Temple, NeerMahal, Udaypur, Jampui Hill, Bhuvaneswari Temple, Sipahijala Lake etc.

Ujjayanta Palace: One of the most exciting places that can make your Agartala vacation a memorable episode is the Ujjayanta Palace. This royal house, standing in Agartala, covering one sq. Km. area was built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya during 1899-1901. You can feel the pleasure of openness while having stroll around this royal palace.

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Kunjaban Palace:The picturesque building built by Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya Bahadur ( 1909 -1923) as his country palace for private retreat, now serves as the Raj Bahavan, official residence of the Tripura Governor. You will find your Agartala vacation an awe-inspirational experience as did the poet Rabindra Nath Tagore felt when he stayed there in his seventh and last visit to the state 1919.

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Malancha Niwas:Although not vacation hotels in Agartala, but this bungalow, which is adjacent to the Kunjaban palace will surely make your vacation in Agartala a perfect blast. Do not forget to make your Agartala vacation ever memorable by visiting Malancha Niwas.

Fourteen Goddess Temple:Vacation in Agartala will be incomplete if you miss out visiting Fourteen Goddess Temple. It is located at Old Agartala which is about 14 Km. away from the main city.

NeerMahal:Amongst many vacation hotels in Agartala we have marked our name in the industry for your entire range of quality services that includes guiding our customers on how to make their vacations in Agartala a really enjoyable moment. Neer Mahal is such a place that can make your vacation in Agartala a dream tour ever!

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Udaypur:Situated at a distance of 35 km and 45 km from Sepahijola and Agartala respectively, the city of Udaypur should not missed out during your vacation in Agartala.

Jampui Hill:We, being one of the most reputed and responsible vacation hotels in Agartala, always suggest our customers, who want a blasting vacation in Agartala, to visit Jampui Hill, which is a ‘the permanent seat of spring’. It is situated at an altitude of about 3000 ft above the sea level and about 250 Km away from Agartala. For nature lovers who look for ways to make their vacation in Agartala ever memorable, Jampui Hills will be the perfect place to visit.

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Bhuvaneswari Temple:On the right bank of river Gomati at Udaipur is found the ruins of a big palace built by Maharaja Govinda Manikya (1660-75 A.D.). The Bhuveneswari temple is situated adjacent to this palace. We, being one of the most reputed and responsible vacation hotels in Agartala, always suggest our customers, who are pious by nature, to visit Bhuvaneshwari temple.

Sipahijala Lake: This is another great spot for nature lovers. We, being one of the most reputed and responsible vacation hotels in Agartala, suggest our nature lover customers to visit Sipahijala Lake in order to make their Agartala vacation a real.

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