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Agartala Tourism

Welcome to Agartala; make your Agartala tourism a never to be forgettable episode of your life.


Agartala the capital city of Tripura is located in the western part of Tripura, astride the River Haroa. This place has always been an all time favorite spot for tourism for tourists from all parts of the world. Situated in the laps of the hilly region of North-Eastern part of India, this place is adorned with the spectacular natural beauty, which makes your Agartala tourism an awesome experience. Being very close to the Indo-Bangladesh border, this place holds diverse cultures, making it a perfect place to learn a lot about things that probably you have never dreamt of coming across. The natural beauty, with its rich flora and fauna have always attracted millions for many years.


The best time for Agartala tourism


The best time for Agartala tourism is between October and April. Through out this period you may be blessed with a few drizzles, which can be quite refreshing, as it refreshes the lush green around.


History, culture and Agartala tourism


Agartala has always been a place for people of all types and ages. Agartala is a place where history still whispers. The historical temples and palaces have marked a distinctive dimension and act as one of the many important reasons for tourism in Agartala. Ujjayanta Palace, Kunjaban Palace, Kamalasagar, Mata Tripureshwari Temple and Fourteen Goddess Temple which is very near to the main city of Agartala have always been great spots worth visiting.


Agartala tourism and attractive spots


Little more away from the city of Agartala are the places like Neermahal, Debtamura, Unakoti, Pilak, Jampui Hills, Sepahijala, Udaypur – the city of lakes, Amarpur are some of the best spots that can make your Agartala tourism worth mentioning.


Where to stay during your Agartala tourism


Stay with us! You are cordially greeted. If you are looking for best and affordable accommodation in Agartala, Hotel City Centre is the right place to opt for. Being one of the best Agartala hotels, we take utmost care for our customers through our high quality services and optimum security policies. We offer excellent accommodation facilities in and around Agartala.


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