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Tripura Vacation

If you are planning a Tripura vacation tour and looking for vacation hotels in Tripura, you are on the right place. We are one of the most renowned and professional hotels in Tripura. Our professional approach towards hospitality services have always been unparalleled, which makes us one of the most reputable vacation hotels in Tripura.
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Your vacation in Tripura may turn out to be a never-forgettable episode of your life, the memorabilia of which you will always want to treasure in your heart. A blasting Tripura vacation will always be incomplete if you do not visit some pockets, the worth mentioning of which are:
Durgabarri coperative Tea Estate
Postoffice Tebaria Agartala , West Tripura — This Tea Garden is very nicely maintained with the factory processing unit . A must watch Tea Garden for the Nature Lover to make their Tripura vacation a perfect blast. It is approximately 25 K.Ms from Agartala.
Tripura Sundari Temple
Make your vacation in Tripura even more precious by visiting Tripura Sundari Temple. This temple is one of the 51 pithasthans in India as per Hindu mythology. As per mythology, Lord Vishnu had cut off the body of Mata Sati into 51 pieces by Sudarshana Chakra and all these pieces fell at different places throughout the country and these places are known as pithasthans. It is said that ‘right foot’ of Mata Sati fell at Matabari. One of the 51 pithas of Hindu pilgrims was built by Maharaja Dhanya Manikya in 1501 A.D. It consists of an squere type sanctum of the typical Bengali hut type. The lake in front of the temple added to it’s beauty. It is located 55km from Agartala.
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This pithasthan is also known as Kurma Pith because the shape of the temple premises resembles to that of “Kurma” namely tortoise. Inside the temple, the idol of Maa Kali is kept which is made of ‘reddish black Kastic pathar.’ Maa Kali is worshipped in her ‘Soroshi’ form in this temple. There is an idol of smaller size of Maa Kali called ‘Chotto Maa‘ and this image used to be carried by Maharajas of Tripura during “Mrigaya” namely hunting and also during war. Make your Tripura vacation more special by visiting “Chotto Maa”
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In the eastern side of the temple there is a famous Kalyan Sagar where fishes and tortoises of huge size are found and devotees feed them with “muri” and biscuits. No fishing is permitted in the Kalyan Sagar.
The most exclusive thing here are the TORTOISE present in the lake in huge numbers specially worshipped by the local persons .You can feed them with food and if you are lucky then you can worship them when they are on the bank of the Saagar i.e. river.
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Every year on Dewali, a famous Mela takes place near the temple which is visited by more than two lakhs pilgrims.
Dumboor Lake
Being one of the most reputable vacation hotels in Tripura, we take the pleasure of talking about Dumboor Lake. A water area of 41 with an un-ending spell of luxuriant green vegetation all around stands majestic for her exceedingly charming beauty and 48 islands in the midst of the lake. Migratory birds, Water sports facilities are additional attractions. 115 km away from Agartala, the place is connected by bus from Agartala and Udaypur. The panorama of transparent weaving water cover the vast span and the deep green dots of island in their midst are fascinating. There is a Hydel Project near the lake from where River Gomati originates and this is called Tirthamukh where on 14th January every year famous ‘Pous Sankranti Mela’ takes place. The lake is the confluence of rivers Raima and Sarma. Various species of migratory birds are noticed in the winter and it has rich reservoir of natural and cultured fishes. Nearby is Tirthmukh, a popular pilgrim center where tribal and non-tribal people assemble there to take bath during Uttarayan Sankranti.
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Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary
Being one of the reputable vacation hotels in Tripura, we also take the pride to talk about Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary. Wild Life Sanctuary is located at about 100 Km. away from Agartala in Belonia Subdivision of South Tripura District. Bison is the main attraction in this sanctuary, in addition to the resident and migratory birds
Situated at a distance of 18km from Belonia. The jungle is spread over a sprawling area of 190.7sqkm. The specialty of this jungle is different species of monkeys.
Rudrasagar Lake
Rudrasagar lake, about 55 Km. away from Agartala near Melaghar having 5.3 Sq.Km. water area is another big attraction
Rudrasagar LakeIn the centre of the lake the famous lake palace of Tripura namely Neermahal is built. The lake witnesses a large number of migratory birds in every winter. Every year a boat race is organised in July/August. The visiting tourists can enjoy boating facility in the lake.
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Nagicherra Rubber Wood Processing Centre
Tucked away in splendid isolation from the heat and dust of urban life, Nagaicherra ,a sleepy hamlet 12 KMs southeast of Tripura’s capital town , symbolises the state’s rapid and confident march along the fast highway of development and enterprise sponsored by the government . Long seven years ago Tripura Forest Development and Plantation Corporation (TFDPC), a susidiary of the forest department, had launched a rubber wood processing centre .With prudent investment and management the project has already achieved unblemished success, providing bread and butter to hundred odd people including skilled carpenters who contribute to the growth and development of the Centre. Disposing rubber wood at the end of the life-cycle of the plants had long been a headache for public and private planters because till recently rubber wood was considered useless. But from Kerala, India’s premier rubber-producing state, the TFDPC officials had come to know that rubber wood could be converted into excellent raw materials for durable furniture, boards and doors through processing.
We, being one of the most talked about vacation hotels in Tripura, boast on our state-of-the-art hospitality services. We have helped our customers make their Tripura vacation really inspirational. You can trust us as one of the reliable Tripura hotels